Eleonora Gadducci AKA Etè Nocturnes is a photographer born in August 27, 1989.

She lives and works in Pisa, Italy

As a child His playmates will be, the Cheshire Cat and the mad hatter of "Alice in Wonderland".
Eleonora is fanciful, offbeat , dreamer,she is attracted by the many "forms" of art, and by the possibility through it, of create surreal dimensions parallel to daily life.
Eleonora,is passionate to photography since childhood, up at the peak, of interest, in adolescence (after admiring the masterpieces of A. Adams) that she will lead in 2009, at the beginning of her personal research, experimentation in the field of photography, togheter to an interest in music (composition, singing and guitar) illustration and poetry.
Currently, She works on some photo projects with a Nikon Coolpix L110; her new projects are inspired by literature, music and nature, She works, even with self portraits, with which she made several shots; some of her works have appeared in various online magazine, national and Internationals.
Eleonora, is interested in the magic side surreal and mystic of life that she tries, of transmit more or less clearly in all his works; She defines art " Materialization of soul and transcendence of reality" and photography, " The Poetry of Light ".

" I am inspired by everything that is surreal and dreamlike, but also by the beauty of nature around us.
For me photography, is a monologue between me and what my eyes see, in my opinion, photography is aestheticism and spirituality, solitude and socializing at the same time

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